Sunday, November 7, 2010

Four Rheumatologists...Four different opinions

Doctor one....Tests are all normal...Must be fine.
Doctor two....Undifferentiated Spondylarthropy or Seronegative RA
Doctor three..Fibromyalgia
Doctor four...Fibromyalgia AND something else that he needs/wants to figure out.

I saw one last (I hope!) rheumy on Friday.  He was very nice.  He took a lot of time before the exam talking to me about my symptoms,  my experiences with the different doctors, my feelings, etc.  After a thorough exam, he told me that he definitely agrees that I have fibromyalgia, but he doesn't think that's all I have.  He did a lot of bloodwork, so hopefully we will figure it out this time.  Once and for all.  He says that I should hear back from him by a week from tomorrow. 

Meanwhile, he said I should stop taking the mtx.  If, after a couple of weeks, I flare big time...then we'll put me back on it.  He took me off the arthrotec.  (which allows me to stop taking the kapidex for my stomach).  He changed my lyrica from 50 mg three times a day, to 75 mg twice a day.  (easier for me to remember---I always forgot to take my middle of the day dose of lyrica for some reason).  He wants me to switch from Effexor for my depression (that's NOT working) to Cymbalta as it is recommended for people with FMS.  I have to go to a psychiatrist to get that going, since it's tricky weaning of Effexor and I've felt suicidal at times recently.  (Ugh)

Anyway....I have to say that I had a really good day painwise!  I was about a 1-2 this morning.  After being at several lacrosse games, I started to hurt a bit around 2:30 so I went ahead and took a pain pill.  The rest of my day was great.  I had some fatigue during the middle of the day...and I'm exhausted right now...but it was a better day, healthwise, than any I've had for a very long time. 

Praying for more days like this so that someday soon I can get a job, feel well, and start living a happy life again.

Hope you all had a good weekend and very little pain!


  1. I have been on effexor too. I found out the hard way stopping cold turkey is NOT recommended, but I couldn't afford it anymore. I hope the cymbalta helps you and gets you feeling better.

  2. true sometimes there are so many diverse opinions from doctors that keeps you puzzled.I would suggest you to pick up the best of them and follow that one.And let your mind rest and trust the medication else it won't seem to work either.

  3. Yes it is hard to deal with a situation where the various Doctors disagree give different opinion.It not only confuses the patient it also bewilders as to what medication should be followed.