Friday, September 30, 2011

I Might Have Answers Soon!

My GP agreed to let me get my blood drawn for the much more accurate Western Blot Lyme test.  He was cool about it.  Didn't put anything in my chart about it, and I sent it of myself with the $410.  He, also, went ahead and prescribed doxycycline since that is what I will take if I do, in fact, have Lyme.    He prescribed it for "acne" and gave me three months worth. 

I don't really think I have Lyme as much lately.  Honestly, I don't feel I'm quite as sick as so many others I read about.   That said, I've had the low grade fever every day for two weeks now, whereas it used to be only a couple days a week for the past two years. 
The day after I started the doxy, I felt more pain than usual.  I was miserable for two days.  I woke up in severe pain and it continued the entire day.  The only relief I got was when I took a pain pill twice a day.  It allowed me to function, thankfully.

On days 4-7, however, I had the least amount of pain I had experienced in the two years I have been sick!  We were in Chicago and doing a lot of walking, and I handled it really well.  I was able to do things without having to rest all the time.  My joints weren't aching.  My fatigue was even better!  

I forgot to take my evening dose of doxy on Monday and guess what?  I hurt badly again on Tuesday.  

It APPEARS to me that the antibiotic is helping with my pain.  Hmmmmmmm.  Does that mean we are dealing with Lyme?  

I guess we shall find out when my test results are back.  (Hopefully in another week)

Lyme Test~Blood drawn and sent to lab on September 19th
Keep your fingers crossed!  We might be on to something here!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Change is Good

Stress. All of us know what that monster can do to those of us with chronic illnesses. Stress can literally break down body systems of even the most healthy people. I know that stress causes me to hurt twice as much as I do on a normal day. I tend to get hives, mouth sores, more days with fevers, and migraines when life gets to be a little too much.

That said, I have decided to make a lot of changes in my life. I have got to get healthy again and I feel as if I can do more to help myself than I have been doing. I don't think I will make all of these changes, 100%, right away. I am going to actually consider them to be goals.

Here is what I am going to strive for:

1. Drink more water. I am the worst water drinker! I hate the stuff! But--I can tolerate it with lemon, so I will stock up on lemons and see what I can do. By drinking more water, it should be easier for me to achieve the next goal....

2. Drink less coke/diet coke.

3. Exercise at least 3 times a week. I love Zumba, but it's hard on my knees. I may try to attend Zumba class on days I feel okay, and then walk on bad pain days.

4. Eat healthier. My diet sucks. Period. I have to work on eating more nutritious foods.

5. Take supplements consistently. I'm still researching what I want to take, but I have read that the powder mixes are much better for smelly pill haters like myself. Do any of you have any recommendations?

6. Spend more time with people who truly care about me. I tend to go into my cave and hide when I'm depressed or feeling lousy. It's so hard for me to muster up the energy just to make the 5 minute drive to Starbucks to meet a friend on some days. But I have come to realize that it ALWAYS helps me feel better when I spend some time with friends. I am lucky to have a few friends who understand that I'm truly sick and that it's very hard for me to commit to any plans.

7. Eliminate people from my life who cause me more stress. Now of course I can't exactly ship off my kids, (haha!!) but I can stop spending time with people who make me feel guilty or lazy because I'm unable to do some things. I don't need that. I need love and support. Even if I love somebody more than anything, if they are unwilling to understand what I'm going through, they are not going to be good for me.

That's about it....what do you think about my goals? Positive changes, eh?!

Hope you all had a great weekend!!!

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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A FREAKY New Symptom

Teeth kinda freak me out.  I'll admit that right up front.  The thought of losing a tooth or teeth gives me the willie nelsons BIG TIME!

That said, when I woke up Saturday morning to my bottom gums looking very different...I got so scared!  It looked like my gums had completely receded over night.  They were really low and had white patches right below the teeth. They bleed super easily now, too.  I'd take a picture but I'm so embarrassed by these kind of things....

Anyway.  I've felt pretty icky all week.  My temp was at around 100 for about 5 days in a row.  I had the pink-eye type problem for about 3 days.  My skin has been extra itchy and I've had several episodes of hives. And now this gross new symptom.  I just love this mystery bug!  (NOT!)

Heading to the dentist now.  Will update when I return. Wish me luck!!!!