Tuesday, July 20, 2010

On Vacay

I just felt like blogging because I am so down. It is so therapeutic to blog. Right now I should be pretty happy, but I am down and don't know if I will ever be up again.

I don't see my family nearly enough. We are in Tennessee and it is the first time I have seen my aunts, uncles, cousins, and even my mom in a long time. I have felt pretty well physically (except for during the long car ride from Texas-that caused mucho pain!)

So why in the world should I be so unhappy?

It's my marriage. It's very much on the rocks. It has made this trip really bad for me. I have cried so much and I have not been able to enjoy my relatives the way I should.

I'm trapped in my marriage, though, for many reasons.
1. My kids---I don't want them to have to change schools, lifestyle, and step-brothers. They are very happy here.
2. I have no job. He made me quit a job I loved at a school I loved. It made sense at the time and I honestly enjoy being a stay at home mom. But---I have no income from being at home.
3. This damn arthritis. I seriously don't know how I could work full time and be a single mom when I feel the way I have for the past 12 months. I hurt so badly when I have a busy day and I can't even imagine the fatigue I would experience. Ugh.

I try to "grin and bear it" for my kids. I love my husband at times and he makes me laugh....however, he is not real supportive of my condition---in fact, I really think he resents me because of it.

I will figure things out eventually, I suppose. It's truly scary feeling suicidal. I want to enjoy life again. I want to be happy.

On another note: my sister, who has had psoriasis for a long time, took one look at my skin lesions and easily identified them as being psoriasis. I guess I need to go to the dermatologist. If I am diagnosed with psoriasis, I will officially be diagnosed with PSA. Not that it really matters, but a name will make me feel validated in a way. "Undifferentiated Spondylarthropy" seems so......nonspecific. When anyone asks me what I have, I hate telling them. All I know is it is real---my rheumatologist knows it is from my bone and joint scans---and it would be nice to finally have a specific diagnosis.

Thanks for letting me vent, my blogging world friends.

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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Quality of Life

It has been a horrible couple of days. My pain level has been a 10 plus. I'm taking 2 pain pills a day and feeling guilty about it. I hate that. Why should I feel guilty for wanting a couple of hours of being able to function? I get so tired of hearing people talk about how dangerous pain meds are. Honestly, I think it is much more dangerous for me to feel nonstop pain all day long. It has been almost an entire year and I miss my old life!

My left big toe is getting worse. It now pops loudly when I move it. It's painful and actually freaks me out a bit. I definitely can't wear shoes still. My knees hurt a lot more than they used to as well. My middle back aches if I go too long without resting and it's been difficult to keep some of my fingers straight lately. (ugh)

My skin is a mess and I have progressively gotten more and more into the habit of picking it. It's dry and flakey and I pick it when I'm not thinking about it (ie while I'm reading/driving/editing photos). I'm pretty disgusted with myself.

So, yeah, my quality of life is pretty miserable. I want to be a good mom and wife, but I feel as if it's not happening. I go back to the rheumy in a week. I'm not sure what is going to happen, but I figure an adjustment or change in meds is probably in my future. I am terrified of methotrexate, but I will try anything at this point.

I hate complaining, but I need to vent. It's either vent or bawl my eyes out....

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