Friday, July 29, 2011

A Quick Update

I went to see my GP today.  I really like him, but I know he thinks I'm a hypochondriac.  He is a friend....and honestly he's a really nice guy.  He is never rude to me or anything, but he has always made it pretty clear that he believes I *am* healthy and that I would feel much better if I were to be less stressed, exercise more, etc. 

I went in today because for the past few weeks, I have felt something below my ribcage on the left side.  It doesn't hurt, it just feels a little uncomfortable.  I compare it to being 9 months pregnant and having a little baby foot positioned there.  It's weird.

Plus, I figured I would mention the vertigo, fingernail changes, consistent low-grade fever (as opposed to just a few times a week), and the lovely yeast infection I am enjoying. (ha!ha!)

He did that little finger tap thing all around my belly and said I was full of gas.  He demonstrated the difference in sound when he tapped my liver, my lungs, then my stomach.  He believes that could be what I'm feeling.  My stomach being full of gas like that would press up on my diaphragm.  To make sure, though, I had some blood work done.  He said he will call me tomorrow with the results. 

Meanwhile, I'm on diflucan for 7 days and he wants me to try to go off (or at least cut back) the adderall.   I am supposed to relax and see if I feel better. 

We shall see.  I'm still confused, but seriously starting to wonder if I've been making myself sicker than I really am.  I tests have shown anything wrong with me.  Am I crazy?  Too much of a stress case? 

I don't know.  I don't think that's really it, but I have no proof. 

Goodnight, my friends.  I'm off to go check up on your blogs!  xoxoxo


  1. Hi Beth,
    This is exactly what happened to me!! I LOVED my family doctor and to this day, my heart still hurts that he didn't believe me. It made me question myself. Was I REALLY sick?? Maybe these symptoms WERE just in my head! Maybe he was right and I WAS just stressed or depressed...

    The thing is, I KNOW my body and something was very, very wrong. Leaving my beloved doctor was very, very hard, but the best thing I could do for myselfdecision I ever made. I would not be where I am today if I would have stayed simply because I loved my doctor. Lyme disease is very complicated and way above what our family doctors can do. Hopefully some day that will change, but for now, it's simply too complex

    My tests kept coming back normal because I had Lyme disease and no one was CHECKING for Lyme disease (no one would have known the correct way to test for it or to read the tests anyway, though). My LLMD was the first doctor who actually listened to me. She listened and believed every single symptom I had. She told me right away based on my symptoms she thought it was Lyme. After every single test for years and years showed I was healthy, my test came back HIGHLY positive for Lyme disease, .

    You KNOW your symptoms and pain are real. It hurts to have doctors not believe you, or to give up on you, but leaving them behind and finding another doctor who WILL listen and believe you is the most important decision you can make for yourself!

    Hang in there!

  2. I could not agree more with Alyson. Change doctors and change doctors now. Run, don't walk but do your research before hand to make sure you have a good doctor that will work with you on finding out what is really wrong with you. And if you have not been tested for Lyme's, make that your first test. Please do not let a doctor make you doubt yourself. Believe in yourself, you know you are not nuts and please do not let any doctor EVER make you feel this way. Be an empowered patient and move on!

  3. 1. Never go to a "friend"

    2. Is there any chance you have psoriatic arthritis? You mentioned your nails, your hair some time ago, your joints, swelling..... I have this and it can effect anyone. It's just like rhuematoid only with rashes. I have both so there go.

    3. Don't give up. Fire the doctors if your not happy. I fired 23 before I found one. Then fired 3 others til I found my GP. I adore her. My Rhuem is good but he can be a bit abrasive at times which is fine. He is one of two in the area and they constantly booked and overbooked. I get it.

    4. Take a day.... any day.... and say to yourself... I'm not cleaning, cooking, tending or any other activity that requires you to give of yourself. Just be with your thoughts and feelings. Have a good cry... scream in the pillow.... eat chocolate (unless your like me with gerd...oy)... drink a glass of wine (if you drink...) or a cup of tea... just relax, regroup and reinvent the day ahead.