Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A FREAKY New Symptom

Teeth kinda freak me out.  I'll admit that right up front.  The thought of losing a tooth or teeth gives me the willie nelsons BIG TIME!

That said, when I woke up Saturday morning to my bottom gums looking very different...I got so scared!  It looked like my gums had completely receded over night.  They were really low and had white patches right below the teeth. They bleed super easily now, too.  I'd take a picture but I'm so embarrassed by these kind of things....

Anyway.  I've felt pretty icky all week.  My temp was at around 100 for about 5 days in a row.  I had the pink-eye type problem for about 3 days.  My skin has been extra itchy and I've had several episodes of hives. And now this gross new symptom.  I just love this mystery bug!  (NOT!)

Heading to the dentist now.  Will update when I return. Wish me luck!!!!  


  1. Has anyone done any ana testing on you? A stand alone RA? Sed rate or cpk testing? Vit deficiency? ANYTHING???? Sjogrens? Gosh there is so much they could be doing for you right now. I'm baffled with all the information you have they are not checking avenues with you.

    No matter, I hope your feeling better today.

  2. Sjogren's came to mind to me too. . . .

  3. The itching and hives could be an allergic reaction to something like a medication. And could be you have an infection going on of some sort if you have a compromised immune system from the meds. Hope you get some answers and soon (((HUGS))).

  4. I agree with Tammy...this sounds like RA, because I have RA myself. They should test her for Lupus and RA immediately.