Monday, July 30, 2012

Bartonella Treatment

I\'ve been on rifampin for a couple of weeks and quite frankly, this is the worst I have felt since getting sick. I\'m not even on the full dose yet. I\'m in so much pain and the fatigue is overwhelming. I honestly think I am losing my battle with Lyme. I\'m scared and sad. Please pray for me.


  1. I hope you start feeling better soon. I'm on Rifampin too. I've been on for 6 weeks so far with Doxy. I am having the extreme fatigue as well. Most days I can barely stay awake past noon.

    Hopefully the positive effects will kick in for us both soon! :)

  2. I am sending you prayers and hugs!!!! I do hope you start feeling better really soon!


  3. Hang in there. You CAN and WILL beat this. You just need to stay positive and keep your eye on the big picture. You had a post up about missing your father. I don't know your relationship there but I do know that Daddy's never stop missing their girls. Reach out to and lean on those that love you for support.