Saturday, April 23, 2011

What Makes Me Sad....

I went to IKEA today.  I love that place.  So much to look at and amazing ideas.  I could shop there all day.

But I CAN'T!

Why?  Because some no-name, nobody can figure it out, illness makes me feel like dirt after shopping for about 30 minutes.  My legs start to ache and I start to feel feverish.  It's horrible, but it always happens when I try to do anything that requires walking...including grocery shopping.   That really makes me sad.  I can't have a normal life if this is how I feel when I go out and do something.

I'm home now.  I'm exhausted and have a temp of 99.5.  I need to find a rheumatologist, even though I know they will be stumped too.

Another symptom I'm having a lot (with the chest pain and fast heart rate) is dry mouth.  Fun, eh?

Hope you all have a wonderful Easter weekend.  


  1. I can't shop either. When I go shopping I have to go to a store that has the scooter carts. They are the only way I can shop. I get chest pain with fibro a lot as well as a fast heart rate. Dry mouth sometimes can be a side effect of medicine.

  2. I don't think a rheumy will be stumped. I think he will tell you what your gut tells you. Not everyone is serum positive. I am not yet have every symptom of RA you can imagine and Lupus. Keep up the fight and look for a good doctor!!

    Sorry to hear you could not enjoy your trip. I too have issues being on my feet. I just completed a tilt table test to see what is going on with it. I'll know Wednesday all the results.

    Take it easy and gentle hugs. Maybe reach out through blogs, your area and find a good reccomendation? A thought.
    Gentle hugs.

  3. thanks for stopping in. Blogging does help with the pain. I wrote back in comments. Have a good day.

    Chronic Chick Talk

  4. I have to limit shopping too. Not that it is my favorite thing, just it is so exhausting! ~ Peter