Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Quick Update

I woke up two days ago with the most annoying sand-in-the-eye feeling. It drove me bonkers all day. The next morning the eye was icky. It was matted shut and goopy. It was a little swollen and red. I assume it is pink eye. It's a lot better today, so I'm not going to the doctor for it. I think I had pink eye about a year ago.

Not much else going on here. Higher temps lately. Up to 100.2. Feeling pretty tired and moderate pain.

Hope you all are doing okay!


  1. I've had that a lot with Lyme, too. Goopy eye syndrome! Yuck!

    Hope you get some rest today and keep on keeping up the fight.


  2. Conjunctivitis is common with Lyme. Some of my earliest symptoms were eye problems. I found this article that talks briefly about eye problems and Lyme. Scroll down and find the part called "How does Lyme affect the eye"


    Hope this helps you! :)

  3. I've just discovered your blog and so don't have a good handle on what you've experienced. I hesitate to jump in with a comment that might not fit at all. However, about three years ago, I experienced a second bout of what I thought was conjunctivitis. It was a weekend, and so I stopped in at a clinic. I was surprised to be told that I had a type of irritation that was common in people with autoimmune disorders, not conjunctivitis. I was urged to see my regular doctor and be tested for an autoimmune disorder. I did, and all tests came back negative. Zip forward three years, and I fell terribly ill one fine October morning, 2010, and never got well again. After months of trying to figure out what the heck had gone wrong, bloodwork that a neurologist had ordered (I was having migraines and vertigo, too) started coming back positive for an autoimmune disorder. After my first trip to a rheumatologist April, 2011, I found out that my anti-CCP numbers were also high and that I clearly had RA. So, I'm just saying, maybe you ought not to assume that it's conjunctivitis? Maybe it's a symptom that's important?