Friday, January 15, 2010

I want answers!

It's been 7 months now. I've had pain in my arms and legs for 7 months straight. I've had fatigue that has made it next to impossible to accomplish my daily chores around the house. I feel like an old woman, yet I'm only 41.

I've seen my family doctor, a rheumatologist, and infectious disease specialist, a vascular surgeon, and on orthopedic surgeon. I've had more blood drawn than I care to think about and I've had a couple of x-rays.

Results? No answers. Everything is normal. I have Raynaud's.....which I've known for a while and it doesn't bother me much at all. And just a few days ago, I was told the excruciating pain in my foot that hit me a couple of weeks ago is gout. GOUT?

The rheumatologist put me on prednisone (a low dose, I guess). I felt less pain while on the 20mg but as I started to decrease the dose to wean off, the pain returned to normal. I hate prednisone, by the way. It makes me an emotional mess!!! I will NOT take that again unless I absolutely have to.

I've struggled with not knowing exactly where my pain is located....and I know that sounds weird. I couldn't tell if it was muscular or in my joints. I believe it is in my joints now. This foot pain seems to be starting in the joint at the base of my big toe and I feel how the pain radiates throughout my foot and even up my leg at times. I feel as if my wrists and fingers are getting stiff. My knees and ankles feel that way too. It could be my muscles aching...but I am thinking more that it is in my joints.

Anyway....I want to feel better. I want the pain to go away. I know none of this can happen without a diagnosis. I've heard the word "fibromyalgia" many times and I admit that some of the symptoms match up quite perfectly. I don't know that I have the "trigger points" that I've read about, but I do have many of the other lists symptoms. I've also had many people tell me that it's probably just stress. I've been told to "be happier" and things will get better. Exercise and I'll feel great. Well...I'd love to do both of those, but the way I feel is getting in the way.

I want to try to keep this blog going as a that maybe I can look for triggers or patterns. Anything to help get to the bottom of my mystery health situation.


  1. Hi, Im 17 and I know how it feels like to be scared and maybe even angry because no one can seem to find out what is causing the pain. I went 3 years before They told me I had fibromyalgia and now I each day at a time and im hear for you. And you kno what is the worst... for me its not having any onw who knows the pain im feeling.

  2. Ugh on those docs or whoever who tell you you're just stressed and to "be happier." I'm so sorry you're in the medical mystery category too. I think there's no worse curse than to be "medically interesting."

    Thanks for visiting my blog, and I'm happy to find another person going through a similar search for a clear diagnosis.

    Fwiw, I'm not a doctor or a pharmacist so take this with a grain of salt, but I've been told that most people require a much higher dosage of Lyrica to get relief ... and of course not everyone does. I had a couple doctors suggest Lyrica and discuss it with me. I've considered trying it but haven't yet. But in both cases, the doctors talked about starting on a low-ish dose and building up to I think it was about 450 mg per day. Anyway, every person is different and I understand some people get relief on a fairly low dose of it. But if it doesn't seem like it's working, you might want to research dosages and consider asking your doctor to reconsider his/her prescription.

    Hope your pain gets under control soon. I know how hard it is to be a mom and do all the things it entails when you've got out-of-control pain and intense fatigue. Hang in there!