Monday, January 18, 2010

A small glimmer of hope....

I went back to the orthopedic surgeon today.  He gave me a steroid shot in my foot last week for what he thought was gout.  Besides hurting like hell, it only made my foot feel better for about 24 hours.  Hardly worth it. 

Today I told him that the pain is still there....he did an x-ray thing (I cannot remember what it was called, but it was cool) on my foot.  He never saw the x-ray my rheumatologist supposedly sent him.  All he saw was arthitis in my big toe.  It wasn't enough to cause the pain I'm having, though.  He also noticed my Raynaud's, because it was pretty bad today.  (not sure why because it was warm in the room and outside even)

We decided that I am going to start the Lyrica to try to get the pain under control.  I take 50mg three times a day.  He thinks I will know if it helps within a week, so I will go back to see him next Monday. 
He mentioned Scleroderma, but I don't know anything about that.  I need to find a new rheumatologist.  I really need some answers.

The pain today has been about an 8.  After grocery shopping, I felt like I had been run over by a truck.  The Lyrica makes me feel loopy so far.  I hate that, but I'm hoping it passes...and works for the pain too.

I took my first water aerobics class tonight.  I LOVED it.  It felt so good moving for an hour in the water.  Water is my best medicine.  While I'm in the pool, I feel great.  I've noticed that since my symptoms started back in July.  I take at least one hot bath a day.....sometimes three.  My goal is to workout at least 3 times a week. I've gained 3 pounds on that freakin' Prednisone....I want to lose that and about 10 more.

That's my update.  Thank you for those of you who are reading.  I'm enjoying the blogs I've found and read lately.  It's great to know I'm not alone in the way I feel physically.

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